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This place is great! I had to get my wisdom teeth out here and Dr. Rothman was great! I was really anxious about the procedure, but he calmed my fears. The procedure was quick and painless, it felt like I closed my eyes for a second and then woke up and it was done. And after the anesthesia, I surprisingly felt normal and energized, like I was in total control of myself. And all the post-op instruction was clear. I would highly recommend coming here if you need oral surgery.

Olivia L.

I normally don't leave reviews but my experience here was so great I felt compelled to. I had to get my wisdom teeth out here and they were so professional and made me feel comfortable through the whole process. Dr. Rothman is the best in the business. Highly Recommend.

John S.

This is an excellent and empathic practice! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Rothman and his staff. They are courteous, on point, well-informed and empathetic. I had both a tooth pulled and implants placed at this office and the experience truly could not have gone better. I am, unfortunately, no stranger to the dentist/oral surgeon and have had some horrid experiences but this was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Dr. Rothman is patient and gentle and even calls you personally to ensure you are feeling well and answer any post-op questions. He was truly patient with all of my questions and concerns and when I had a bought of anxiety right before he started the procedure. Although I do hope not to have to see Dr. Rothman anytime soon lol, I would not hesitate to call this office again should I need their services.

Ashley E.

I've never left a review for anything in this world let alone for an oral surgery. I put this off for a minute now due to fear and I felt like now was the time to get it out of the way. The whole experience was a breeze. I read the reviews here prior and it helped me go into it with excitement. They are the best!!! Every single breathing person in there, even the ones I didn't meet are likely just as wonderful as the people I did interact with. I felt completely fine the evening of just a numb bottom lip that went away in the morning. If the world were sinister and gave me another set of wisdom teeth, I would go here again!

Annie H.

My name is Liam and I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Vincent Nguyen. First off the doctor exemplifies professionalism. The staff everyone was friendly and kind and helpful. That’s even before I had the teeth removed, with my teeth it was so smooth. A few twists and turns and my tooth fell out like a bride’s dress after her wedding night. God Bless you Dr. Vincent. I feel so much better because the tooth was impacted and causing me headaches and pain. You fixed it! The world could use more Doctors like you! Thank you again.

Liam M.

Couldn't be happier with Dr. Rothman. He and his staff are terrific. Have had two extractions one with an implant. He makes it so easy. Have friends with implant horror stories. My implant with Dr. Rothman was flawless. Would never go anywhere else.

Shannon D.

I am so thankful for Dr. Vincent Nguyen-Cao and the entire team at Alexandria Oral Surgery! I recently got all four wisdom teeth (all impacted) removed. I was so nervous about the procedure and it was a breeze. Dr. Nguyen-Cao also made sure to follow up with me and answered all my "post-op" questions. They were so efficient, compassionate and easy to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen-Cao and the team at AOS!!!

Ji Min L.

Dr. Rothman is the best! I have severe dental phobia but I just got 2 teeth extracted and it was super easy! The team is very friendly and kind, true professionals

Alexia S.

I had Dr. Nguyen-Cao for my wisdom teeth removal. The surgery itself lasted an hour but I was passed out in seconds. He removed all four of my teeth and it was completely painless. I barely used any of my Ibuprofen and was back to working out that night. He stitched them up so i didn't have to worry about dry sockets and after two-three days of liquid diet I was back to eating whatever. Dr. Nguyen was very professional and informative and I would recommend him to anyone who needs their wisdom teeth removed.

Devin L.

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