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Digital Planning for Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Providing Digital Planning for Guided Dental Implant Surgery in Alexandria

At Alexandria Oral Surgery, our doctors are experienced and equipped with the latest in cutting-edge digital technology to provide comfort and precision for our patients who undergo dental implant treatment to replace missing teeth in Alexandria.

Our digital 3D scanning capability allows for a detailed image of our patients’ unique dental and facial structures, and in certain cases, after your procedure, our specialists can provide you with a temporary restoration. Your referring dentist will fabricate the permanent prosthetic for your implant. In patients who require replacement of a complete arch of teeth, we can top your implants with a fixed hybrid denture the same day.

Digital 3D Imaging for Implant Surgery

Scans with our 3D dental cone beam CT are quick, non-invasive, and painless; a detailed scan of your head, neck, and jaw only takes a few seconds to complete. Our technician has you stand under the scanner and adjusts your head slightly to make sure you are in the correct position. You will hold on to the handles to help you stay still and lightly bite down on a comfortable mouthpiece while the scanner revolves around you.

Modern Implant Procedures in Alexandria – Digital Services

In the course of a typical dental implant procedure, the placement of the posts and the crafting of the prosthetics are determined by any remaining teeth, the contour of your gums and jaw, and other health factors. Our Alexandria dental implant specialists use full head digital 3D imaging so we can accommodate your facial proportion and profile, the way your lips meet your teeth, and every detail of your oral and facial structure.

Some of the benefits of having a digitally guided dental implant procedure include:

  • Provide for better fitting restorations that feel like your natural teeth
  • Less time preparing, undergoing, and recovering from the procedure
  • Highest quality images of your unique facial and oral make up
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Excellent success rate based on the accuracy of digital planning
  • Assists in Bone Augmentation

For those that require bone grafting before having an implant placed, this technology gives our doctors a comprehensive look at bone volume and which areas need more or less augmentation. We can also study the smallest details to plan for and tailor your treatment plan to reduce or avoid the possibility of complications.

Learn More about Digital Implant Surgery – Contact our Office

Efficient, accurate, and reliable implant placement in Alexandria is available at our oral surgery practice. Call us to find out how our experienced team can provide you with this cutting edge method of restoring your smile.


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