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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Extractions In Alexandria, VA

By the late teens to early twenties, most patients will begin experiencing wisdom teeth eruption. However, few have room in their dental to accommodate these extra molars. At Alexandria Oral Surgery, wisdom teeth extraction is one more way Northern Virginia oral surgeons Drs. Jeffrey Rothman and Vincent Nguyen-Cao help patients maintain a healthy smile. Through this outpatient procedure, patients are able to retain bite alignment, prevent tooth infection and gum disease, and alleviate the discomfort and pain that often accompanies wisdom teeth emergence.

Impacted Third Molar

What are Wisdom Teeth?

The third molars, or wisdom teeth, are the last teeth to develop, typically erupting when a patient reaches their late teen or early twenties. While for some the jaw may be large enough to accommodate extra teeth, the majority of patients do not have enough space. As a result, by the time the wisdom teeth emerge, patients can experience a number of dental issues. In addition to pushing neighboring teeth out of alignment, the third molar may also become stuck while attempting to break through the jaw bone or gum tissue.

Known as partial and full impaction, these conditions can have long term implications for the overall health of the dentition. Without extraction, impacted wisdom teeth can make it much more difficult for patients to practice effective oral hygiene, increasing the risk of tooth decay. In cases of partial impaction, the gums can grow over the semi-erupted wisdom teeth, increasing the risk of patients developing gum disease as well as pericoronitis. 

By visiting our Alexandria oral surgeons for a consultation as soon as possible, patients are able to eliminate the risks associated with the eruption of wisdom teeth. 

Surgical Extraction (3rd Molar)

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Alexandria

At Alexandria Oral Surgery, third molar removal is an outpatient procedure. During your consultation appointment, Drs. Rothman and Nguyen-Cao will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your dentition as well as overall health. Procedure details, post-treatment recovery, insurance coverage, as well as sedation options are also discussed at length during this procedure. For patients considering advanced intravenous sedation or general anesthesia, we require that patients fast for at least 6 hours prior to their appointment and that they have a friend or family member drive them home following their appointment. While it is recommended that patients stay at home for at least a day after surgery, most are able to return to their regular routine within a few days.

Our Northern Virginia oral surgeons are dedicated to making sure that all patients are fully aware of what to expect during this procedure. For more information about wisdom teeth extraction in Alexandria, the extraction process, post-treatment care, or to schedule your wisdom teeth consultation, contact Alexandria Oral Surgery today. We welcome non-referral as well as referral patients.  


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